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No 3, 2010

When Anteros Kills Eros: A Case of Delayed Ejaculation
(Please refer to the French version for the complete article)

Dr Domenico Trotta

It has been reported a case of a 40 years old man, with apparently minor disturbance of delayed ejaculation and no erectile dysfunction.

The complained symptom

Delayed ejaculation, functional sexuality: 1. A step in the penis. 2. Sexual anhedonia: "When I make love I feel nothing. I can make love for hours. For some women this is good. But for me… It proves I am a man. But… it seems I’m doing an exercise. Or even a duty." The patient, healthy from a medical and psychological profile as well as pure from the andrological aspect, reveals under sexological analysis the presence of sexual anhedonoa and the need of a sexual activity repeated with multiple partners in order to preserve a fragile sexual identity, hidden behind an apparently secure mask.

The sexual scenario

Fantasies: blank, stereotypical, hidden. Stereotypical sexual scenarios occupies a space that has been left empty by denied and repressed sexual fantasies. When the behavioral world of the patient is confronted with the imaginary one, a deep discrepancy emerges.

Dreams: blank, hidden. 1. A big lizard near the window looking for the sun outside. 2. The dream: "a boat, my father and man with a rope. A man with a rope pushes a boat upwards on a river. Then the boat rapidly moves downwards to reach the sea. The man with the rope tries to get back the rope. I don’t know if he succeeds!" A more profound analysis of the sexual imaginary gradually allows us to reconstruct an erotic scenario that explains well, because dystonic, the disturbed sexual symptom.

The hidden sexual scenarios

Domination by a woman, degradation by a woman. The end of the story: still to come.